PowerDirector and Director Zone


The days of sitting at home alone with your PC and some creativity software are long gone. Today creativity is all about sharing ideas and making friends with those who share your creative spirit. PowerDirector and Director zone are the tools that enable this process.

CyberLink’s Director zone is the building blocks of an online community that facilitates video creation. It’s a space to publish the effects and templates that you create using PowerDirector 7’s various design tools. It is quite deliberately NOT a medium for publishing your completed videos, a site such as www.youtube.com . Instead, and far more importantly, it provides unlimited added value to your PowerDirector software.

Got a great DVD menu you’d like to share with other PowerDirector users? Simply upload to Director zone. Looking for a special animated object to add to your project? Just download from Director zone. As you download, PowerDirector automatically places effects and templates directly into your appropriate library.

As a member of any creative community, the more often you get published (that is, upload to Director zone), the quicker you’ll get recognized as a leading creator. The more often your designs are downloaded, the higher is your standing as a leading effects creator. Director zone facilitates this process further by allowing other community members to subscribe to your creations.

As well as allowing you to download effects, Director Zone lets you add a comment, give a rating, and set an effect as one of your favorites. Of course you can invite other friends to join the community, while a forum provides a place to discuss tips and tricks for using PowerDirector.

This week CyberLink has released free effects and templates with a sports theme, just in time for the Olympics.


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